Mineral Fibre

Mineral Fiber

Mineral fibre ceiling tiles are manufactured with various mineral wool, clay and cellulose Mineral fibre ceiling tiles finished faces commonly have a painted finish. However, some brands like Armstrong, USG, OWA & AMF provide different types of face finishing options.

The combination of materials that make the mineral fibre ceiling tiles provide excellent sound attenuation (minimising the reflection of sound) adding to the acoustic ratings/performance.

The benefits of mineral fibre ceiling tiles

  • Medium to high acoustic performance
  • Medium reflective light values available (some manufacturers provide high light reflection variations)
  • Fire resistant varieties available
  • A range of edge finishing available by most manufacturers
  • Easy to match older building existing ceiling tiles

Suitable applications

  • Medical facilities
  • Suitable for offices with walls that pass into the ceiling void
  • Large open office spaces
  • Education facilities

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