What Are Acoustic Ceilings? And Why you Should Use them.

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You could benefit from having Acoustic Ceilings installed if you are struggling with poor sound quality in your office, school or home. Acoustic ceilings are a go-to sound-absorbing solution thanks to their ability to absorb sound from external environments. These are ideal for use in a variety of environments for both businesses (in work spaces, conference rooms, schools, study halls, restaurants and health and wellness practices) and residences (in home offices and even bedrooms). The benefits of installing acoustic ceiling products include an enhanced balance of sound and reduced washing echo. Here’s more about what acoustic ceilings do and how they work.

The Need For Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic ceiling products comprise of sound absorbing materials that work to provide a quieter work or learning environment. Both internal noises from adjacent work spaces (phones, copiers and other mechanical equipment) and external noise from outside traffic can pose challenges to concentration and attention spans. When reverberated noise within the internal environment is not controlled it can negatively effect not only productivity but on mood and health as well.

Acoustic Design Choice

Project designers and architects have a choice when it comes to types of acoustic ceiling installations. These options include but are not limited to absorptive sound panels, drop panels, lowered ceilings and perforated ceilings with sound absorptive insulation. Products are available in a range of decorative finishes, colours and textures that will complement any design style.

When choosing acoustic treatments there are several factors designers have to take into consideration: 

  • The function of the interior space: is it a conference room or restaurant?
  • The shape of the space: domed or walled?
  • What surfaces form part of the design of the room: carpet, tiles or concrete?
  • Sources of external and internal noise: proximity of traffic and office and mechanical equipment?
  • Quality of materials: high-quality material should ideally offer a longer shelf life and minimal maintenance.

A consultation with an experienced ceiling consultant at Ceilings by Design, can point you in the right direction of the most suitable option to best achieve your desired results. If you want to improve the acoustic comfort of interior space, get in touch with our professional ceiling staff renowned for exceptional experienced and local knowledge in acoustic ceiling installation that meets Australian standards and your requirements.

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