Ceilings by Design

Ceilings by Design are a leading supplier in mineral fibre ceiling tiles, suspended ceilings and commercial fit products with over 50 combined years of experience. Ceilings By Design have the ability to assist building owners, contractors, tenants, and facility managers with its two warehouses in Sydney NSW and Brisbane QLD. CBD can also service Regional and interstate projects. With their vast range of products, they provide support all project sizes and properties, specialising in working from plans to attending sites to discuss requirement details.

Product Range

Ceilings by Design holds an extensive lineup of products with access to a range of products from different brands. If you require more information please contact one of our offices Seven Hills NSW or Lytton QLD


Ceilings by Design take pride in satisfying their customers’ needs and demands with any enquiry they might have. Our priorities are our customers and customer service. Our sales team keeps up to date with current up to date trends and operations to provide the perfect solutions to meet our customers’ requests. CBD has a fleet of delivery vehicles that ensure reliable delivery consistency.


  • Ceiling tiles- The range of ceiling tiles include mineral fibre, soft fibre, metal pan, timber veneer, Cast plaster, and plaster. Ceilings by Design supplies all brands of ceiling tiles in the Australian Market such as USG, Owacoustic, AMF, Ecophon, Armstrong, Daiken, Autex and Rockfon.
  • Architectural – CBD also provides a range of architectural products with modern performance, endurance and convenience. ACS Linear Strip, Cube, Aluminium Baffles, Soundscapes, Timber Baffle, Metal ceilings, Coruline and ACS Deckform Spacdeck. EZY JAMB
  • Grid Systems – CBD stock and or have access to a range of Steel and Aluminum Grid Systems accessible to the Australian Market such as Armstrong Peakform. USG, Rondo Duo, Blue Tongue Aluminum Grid, Drywall Grid, Peakform Exposed Steel Grid, and Donn Exposed Grid & steel framing Sydney. We also stock a wide range of wall angles and perimeter trims.
  • Insulation – Ceilings by Design also provide Thermal and Acoustic insulation products to suit many applications these include Glasswool, Wavebar, Kinspan, Rockwool, Acoustic Polyester and Thermal Polyester.
  • Metal Products – Ceilings by Design also provides their customers with Ceiling Frame Systems and Steel Stud Wall which include Stud and Track, Top Hat Sections, Resilient Mounts, and Concealed Ceiling Systems. We are also providing Steel Framing In Brisbane.
  • Accessories – They have a vast range of accessories that include Access Panels, Acoustic and Fire Rated access panels, MDF Solid door, Balsa core door and Foam filled doors, Vision Panels, Tapes and Seals, Wavebar, Screws, fixings, and protective floor coverings.

Ceilings by Design provides the perfect solution to any building dilemmas, obstructions or difficulties along with their sales team and their leading experience of services and products to fit your needs. If you would like more information, please contact us and we are more than happy to help you.